PaperTale technology is a doorway to enter into the world behind every product that we buy. Based on Blockchain, our technology aims to ensure a transparent supply chain and that the great craftsmen behind products are being paid lawfully, as well as that the product has the lowest possible environmental footprint.

PaperTale is building a public blockchain based technology solution. The aim of the technology is to bring radical transparency to the consumer and develop incentive based innovative solutions for brands and the factories. PaperTale’s concept has received widespread recognition from the academics, media and the industry.

Traceable Supply Chain

PaperTale offers visibility of the complete product journey, where every step in production is registered and verified on the safest and most tamperproof database, a public blockchain. Taking responsibility for the supply chain in full is the first step towards sustainability.

Your Complete Eco System

PaperTale’s impact calculator gives a figure for CO2 production & water usage, all on an individual garment level. PaperTale’s platform helps companies meet the regulatory requirements so many brands face every day.

We developed our impact calculator so brands can get straight facts about the CO2 and water usage of their products.


Modern slavery is one of society’s biggest issues because production is often so disconnected from the consumer. With blockchain being the foundation for our solution, ethical practices no longer need to be a problem as the worker’s age and wages are automatically verified. With systems like this in place, child labour could soon be eradicated. 


PaperTale is the market’s leading technology centered around communication between the company and consumer. Our solution therefore defies the idea that a garment is simply made to be worn, instead showing that it can be a living tool to connect directly with each customer.

Compliance Protection

Navigating and proving adherence to new regulations in the business environment is increasingly complex.

Brands using PaperTale automatically have access to secure and verified proof of their actions, relieving them of extra unnecessary work solely to justify they are operating within the law.

Key Partners

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