In the last few decades, while smartphones have evolved massively, clothes haven’t really seen any revolutionary changes. They are made simply to be worn or for alignment with a current trend. 

Here at PaperTale we are taking steps towards creating a much bigger purpose for consumer products, and looking at the possibility that items can have a whole user experience attached, one in which the brand can tailor directly to individuals. 

We have termed this idea “Sniper engagement” because the ability to connect one consumer to one exact product enables an accuracy unseen in any other traditional form of consumer interface. However despite the uniqueness of this feature, we are ensuring its development makes it complementary to traditional channels of consumer engagement and marketing, hence allowing brands to strengthen their image. 

With this approach, consumers can also have an active part in the product and see their influence build up in its history. We truly believe this level of engagement will facilitate the formation of a much more emotional connection between consumer and product, one which may begin to help brands solve the modern day “throwaway culture” issue.

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